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Karl and Lupe began working together at a previous horse transportation company in 1998. In 2006 they branched off on their own and since 2008 they have worked together and built Apollo Equine into one of the most respected and trusted companies in the horse shipping industry. Karl, an ex-thoroughbred rider and trainer originally from England, started as a groom for horses on flights and worked his way up within the industry. 

Apollo Equine has had the pleasure to ship not only the highest standard of horses in the equine world, but is recognized for organizing both the importing and exporting of horses for the prestigious World Cup in Las Vegas in 2007 and 2009, and the Longines L.A. Masters 2014 and 2015. We also had the honor of flying the horse "Finder's Key" to Europe for Steven Spielberg's movie War Horse, in which he played the part of "Joey".   

The company is proud to have affiliates across the globe in New York, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Spain, England, Ireland, Mexico, Brazil, and Canada.  

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